About the Group

Passion Group is a private family trust with several existing businesses involved in media, manufacturing, real-estate, finance and investment. These business are concentrated in two main companies, Passion Development and Passion Investments.

Passion Group was established by Mr. Ali Mudhar Shawkat, Chairman and Executive Director, in 2008. The group has operations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The group name encapsulates our commitment to what we do.

Passion Development is involved in commercial real-estate development and finance in Europe and the Middle East and is committed to developing unique mixed use projects.

Passion Investment’s purpose is to finance and invest in unique well managed companies in the energy, real-estate, retail and technology industries.

In addition to the group’s business activities, Passion Group is committed to giving back and has established a non-for profit organization called Passion for Change. The organization supports education and social betterment campaigns internationally.

For further information or to contact the group email us at info@passiongroup.org